Is Your Marriage Worth The Fight? | Marriage WTF: Episode 1

In this episode, Kenyon and Michelle share their journey of creating the Marriage WTF channel, a platform where they document their struggles and successes in their marriage. They reveal why they decided to start the channel, what were the ground rules they set for themselves, and what were the most difficult topics they had to face. They also talk about how they have changed and grown as a couple since the first episodes.

They also discuss how they found the right counselor for their situation, and how therapy helped them heal and restore their relationship. They share their experiences of finding their faith, joining a non-denominational church, and participating in a bible study. They explain how their marriage was reborn through their faith journey.

This episode is full of honesty, vulnerability, and hope. It shows that no marriage is perfect, but with the right support, guidance, and commitment, any marriage can be transformed. Tune in to hear Kenyon and Michelle’s inspiring story of marriage WTF (Worth The Fight).