Helps provide inspiration, motivation, and tools to be successful, but it’s not just about success, it’s also about the richness of the journey and the immeasurable impact of leaving an inspiring legacy.

Join your host, Kenyon Murray, as he explores topics such as leadership, passion, purpose, legacy, mental health, family, faith, and more with guests from all walks of life while generously sharing with the audience his own stories and lessons learned throughout his life and basketball career.


Meet Kenyon Murray

Kenyon Murray is a speaker who inspires and motivates people to embrace challenges, overcome obstacles, and pursue their goals with passion and perseverance. With a deep understanding of the power of mindset and the importance of continuous learning and self-improvement, Kenyon has helped individuals and organizations achieve their full potential. Kenyon’s message is simple but powerful. He believes that anyone can achieve their dreams if they have the right mindset and the determination to succeed. Through his speeches and coaching sessions, Kenyon empowers his audience to take control of their lives and become the best possible version of themselves.
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Why Watch Our Show?

Become More Inspired

By tuning into the Show, viewers gain a deep wellspring of inspiration. They witness the remarkable journeys of diverse guests who have overcome challenges, found their purpose, and made a positive impact on the world.

Deepen Your Connections

The Show features heartfelt stories delving into the profound human experiences of love, empathy, and resilience, and leaving a Legacy as guests from various walks of life, providing a rich tapestry of insights into leaving a Legacy.

Turbo Charge Your Motivation

Watching the Show is a source of motivation. Viewers are encouraged to forge their own paths to leaving a meaningful legacy and take action on their dreams and aspirations.

Rewrite Your Legacy

Viewers gain a deeper understanding of the concept of leaving a true legacy. The Show goes beyond superficial success stories and explores the lasting impact individuals have on the lives of others and the world at large.


What Our Viewers and Listeners Have to Say

Kenyon Murray is a gifted speaker, podcast host, and all-around great person! As an avid listener and previous guest on the “Leave Your Legacy” podcast, Kenyon has a way of connecting with his guests and keeping his audience fully engaged. Whether behind a microphone or on stage, you can tell he is truly in his element. After listening to him speak, you feel more energized, motivated, and better than when you came in.
Mark Wise
Wise Financial - Northwestern Mutual
Kenyon is thoughtful, engaging and purpose driven in everything that he does. He is a phenomenal communicator and always brings a message that is inclusive, relevant, and timely for every audience. What I admire most about Kenyon is his humility- in light of all of his success, he has kept his faith and family as top priorities! To know Kenyon is to know Inspiration, wisdom, and courage!
Jordan Montgomery
Montgomery Companies
I have had the immense pleasure of hearing Kenyon speak numerous times and have had the honor to work with him on many occasions. He “leaves it all out there” as they say. A very motivating and authentic speaker!
Jeff Johnston
Founder & CEO Brightn
Living Undeterred Project

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