College Athletes, New Location, Work Life Balance at Estela's Fresh Mex | The Leave Your Legacy Show

Get ready for a truly uplifting episode of the Leave Your Legacy Show! Host Kenyon Murray welcomes Jerry Vasquez and Tyler Tiecke, co-owners of Estela’s Fresh Mex in Iowa City, Iowa, soon expanding to Coralville. The episode uncovers how Jerry and Tyler’s entrepreneurial spirit transformed Estela’s Fresh Mex into a beloved local favorite, inspired by Jerry’s grandmother, Estela. They share how their partnership began and the pivotal moments that shaped their business, including their focus on the restaurant.

The discussion includes the importance of balancing work and family life in the high-demand world of restaurant ownership. Listeners get a sneak peek into their exciting new Coralville location and what it means for the future of Estela’s Fresh Mex. The episode also explores their innovative marketing approach and successful collaborations with University of Iowa athletes under the NIL program. Tune in to get inspired by the legacy Jerry and Tyler are building, one delicious meal at a time.