Candice Luter Art + Interiors on Authenticity, Imposter Syndrome | The Leave Your Legacy Show

In this compelling episode Kenyon sits down with Candice Luter, an innovative designer and entrepreneur, to explore her remarkable journey from selling upcycled items at farmers markets to becoming a prominent figure in the furniture and home décor industry. Candice, who began her creative endeavors as a single mom, shares the challenges she faced, including overcoming impostor syndrome and navigating the design world as a biracial woman.

Candice delves into her experiences with vulnerability and authenticity in leadership, emphasizing the importance of staying true to oneself. She highlights how creating an environment where employees can fully express themselves has been crucial to the growth of her business. This episode also features a sneak peek into her upcoming project, “If These Walls Could Talk,” which connects personal struggles with impactful artwork.

Throughout the interview, Candice discusses her love for travel and cultural immersion, which continuously inspire her work. Join us for an inspiring conversation that underscores the significance of resilience, creativity, and genuine human connection in leaving a lasting legacy.