Leave Your Legacy (2)

Mike O'Connell on His Faith Journey, The Stages of Parenting, and Empowering The Next Generation

Join us on The Leave Your Legacy Show for an intimate conversation with Mike O’Connell, the associate lead pastor of Love Church in Omaha, Nebraska. Mike shares a poignant personal journey, growing up in Iowa City and grappling with the deep sense of longing that stemmed from his parents’ divorce. Discover how sports became a sanctuary for him, ultimately leading to his college football days at Iowa State University.

In a pivotal moment during a challenging first year, O’Connell experienced a divine intervention when a senior teammate invited him to a Bible study, igniting a transformative faith journey. Listen as Mike reflects on the decision to hang up his athletic career, paving the way for a new calling in pastoring, ultimately bringing him to Omaha.

Delve into the insightful discussion on passing down faith to the next generation, particularly Gen Z, and the vital role of setting a positive example as parents. The episode concludes with a lighthearted chat about food preferences, offering a glimpse into Mike’s personal tastes, and a shared anticipation for exciting future collaborations.

Join us for a conversation that explores faith, personal growth, and the joy found in unexpected paths, all on The Leave Your Legacy Show!