Kris & Keegan Murray's Path from DME Academy to the NBA | The Leave Your Legacy Show

Welcome to the Leave Your Legacy Show! In this episode, host Kenyon Murray are joined by Mike and Dan Panaggio, founders of DME Sports Academy, to explore their journey in basketball and personal development. Mike’s passion, fueled by his father’s love for basketball and his extensive coaching background, led to the creation of DME Academy, offering NBA-style training to students from 46 countries. The discussion highlights the remarkable stories of Kris and Keegan Murray, whose families’ sacrifices at DME propelled them to NBA success. Emphasizing the significance of family support, the speakers stress DME’s transformative impact on its players’ lives. Dan underscores the importance of holistic development beyond athletics, citing the Murray family’s foresight in their sons’ long-term growth. Join us on the Leave Your Legacy Show for an inspiring exploration of basketball, family, and personal growth.