Unlock Your Potential: From NBA Dreamer to Shooting Coach with David Nurse

Embark on an inspiring journey with David Nurse on The Leave Your Legacy Show! From an unathletic dreamer to a Keynote speaker, David reveals the real story of his path. Faced with NBA and semi-pro rejections, he found himself in a recliner chair for six months until his mom’s wisdom sparked a shift. Discover how David turned setbacks into opportunities, becoming an NBA shooting coach by reaching out to every GM. With limited resources, he grabbed a chance with the LA Clippers and later coached the Brooklyn Nets. David emphasizes enjoying the journey, acting on what you know, and shares resilience stories from NBA players Kris and Keegan. Join us for personal tales of travel, deep friendships, and the mentorship that led to a Guinness World Record. This episode is a condensed burst of inspiration and resilience for leaving your own remarkable legacy!