Pastor Jayson Price - Trusting God, Overcoming Challenges, and Developing Leaders

In this episode of The Leave Your Legacy Show, Kenyon Murray welcomes his friend and mentor, Pastor Jayson Price, as a special guest. Pastor Price is the campus pastor of Elevation Church in Gaston, Michigan, a dynamic and diverse community of people who are passionate about advancing the kingdom revolution of Jesus worldwide. He shares a powerful sermon he delivered at Engedi Church, another vibrant church in Michigan, where he talked about the importance of faith and the power of God’s presence in our lives. He challenges us to trust that God is still working for us, even when we face difficulties, disappointments, or delays. He reminds us that God is not limited by our age, our circumstances, or our expectations. He encourages us to live with hope, joy, and gratitude, knowing that God has a purpose and a plan for us.

Pastor Price also opens up about his personal journey of faith, from his childhood in Detroit, where he grew up as a musician and an entrepreneur, to his current role as a leader and a pastor. He shares how he encountered God’s grace and love in different seasons of his life, and how he learned to overcome challenges with faith and perseverance. He reveals his passion for developing people and leaders, and his desire to help others discover their gifts and their calling. He also talks about his friendship with Kenyon Murray, and how they have supported each other through the highs and lows of life.